Video conferencing is more essential now than ever
Governments rely on remote communication, businesses move toward making hybrid work models permanent, and individuals want to connect with their friends and family.

However, real-time deepfakes can bring chaos to our online calls by joining online meetings with anyone’s face. This isn’t something that is of the future, but rather, it is happening now. 

By integrating deepfake detection mechanisms, video conferencing tool providers would be able to ensure that their users get immediate warnings when a deepfake is used during an online meeting, thus protecting the participants from deepfake videos, images, and voice clones.

Benefits of having secure video conferences

real life examples

Binance CCO, Patrick Hillman Scam vector image


Recently, the CCO of Binance, Patrick Hillman was deep faked by a group of hackers in order to pose as him and steal cryptos from officials of various cryptocurrency assignments over Zoom. 

The deepfake was created by simply using footage of Hillman in interviews and on TV. This is just another way attackers can use deepfake to target companies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

A deepfake video of Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently appeared on online channels such as Twitter and YouTube. In this video, the Ukrainian President calls on the military to lay down their arms. This is the first identified case in which a deepfake video has been used to spread uncertainty and disinformation in a kinetic war.

Our team was able to analyze the deepfake video to showcase how the right use of tools can stop the spread of such fake footage.

Deepfake of Ukraine's prime minister, Volodymyr ZelenskyyDeepfake gif of FTX founder, Bankman Fried

FTX Compensation

FTX founder offers compensation that double your cryptocurrency?

Recently, a verified Twitter user “s4ge_ETH”, tweeted a video of Bankman-Fried offering to help users that were affected by FTX.

The video was linked to a website that allowed users to enter a crypto giveaway where they send tokens to the scammers in return for any desired number of tokens by the user. However, nothing is returned.

Protect your identity

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