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AI Text Detection Tool

Determine Authenticity with Precision

Check for content generated by AI text generators from sources like ChatGPT, Bard, Llama, or others. Our detector helps you determine its authenticity. Maintain content integrity and ensure you're always ahead.

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AI Text ChatGPT Detector image
AI ChatGtPT Detector

Detect ChatGPT generated content

Our AI Text Detection software specializes in identifying content generated by ChatGPT, Bard, Llama and more. Ensure the authenticity and reliability of text data by detecting AI Text effectively.

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Identify AI Text in your Research

Researchers can rely on our AI Text Detection to identify AI-generated content in scholarly articles and research papers. Ensure the credibility of your academic work.

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AI Text Review for News Outlets

News outlets can rely on our AI Detector to verify the authenticity of news articles. Detect AI-generated news content and maintain trust with your readers.

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Detect ChatGPT content and AI texts

As the use of AI text generators becoming increasingly prominent, empower your content strategy with our AI content detector designed to identify, verify, and ensure the authenticity of every word.

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Content Authenticity Verification

Our AI Text Detector verifies the authenticity of content, helping users differentiate between human-written and AI-generated text.

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Real-time Analysis

Quickly scan and analyze content in real-time with our AI text detection tool. Wether you're checking a single article or a batch of documents, get instant results with our efficient AI checker mechanism.

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Bulk Analysis Capability

Upload and analyze multiple documents or articles simultaneously with our AI text detection capabilities, saving time and ensuring consistent content quality across the board.

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Integration Capabilities

Easily integrate the AI Text Detector with your existing content management systems or publishing platforms for seamless content verification. It's more than just an AI detector, it's a comprehensive solution for all your content verification needs.


What our customer say about us

Allows us to act accordingly

Deepfakes are becoming more and more accessible and it is only a matter of time before they find their way into politics. The collaboration with DuckDuckGoose allows us to quickly assess a potential deepfake video and act accordingly

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Transparent & trustworthy

DuckDuckGoose and DataChecker have been a dynamic duo in the fight against deepfake attacks. The integration of DuckDuckGoose's explainable deepfake detection technology has made DataChecker's identity verification process not only more secure but also transparent and trustworthy.

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