Deepfake Generator

Generate high-quality deepfakes to test your detection systems with our affordable solutions. With the advancements of generative artificial intelligence and manipulated data, how can you be certain that your company's systems are safe against this content? At DuckDuckGoose, we want to ensure a digital environment where people are able to differentiate between authentic and fake. That is why we offer our Deepfake Generator solution for any personnel to test against their own systems.

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Deepfake creation of Robert Downey Jr.


Deepfake types


Mimic any facial movements on an image


Strengthen your systems & reduce potential breaches

What can we create for you?

At DuckDuckGoose, we ensure we're up-to-date with the latest developments in deepfake technology. Our model generates approximately 50,000 deepfakes daily to train our deepfake detection model, ensuring its accuracy. Our familiarity with deepfake creation, honed by our deepfake generator, enables us to produce over 10+ distinct types of deepfake images and videos.

Below you can find some examples of the deepfakes we've created. You may recognize some faces, while others are products of our AI generator, entirely synthetic and non-existent in the real world.
Deepfake video example
Deepfake video
Picture from an identity card moving
Deepfake of Robert Downey Jr.
Example of a deepfake picture
Example of a deepfake picture
Tick image for deepfake maker

How can our deepfake generator help?

At DuckDuckGoose, we leverage our advanced AI generator to create high-quality deepfakes for system testing. Our deepfake generator aids in fortifying your systems against deepfake content. Let us help you ensure the safety and integrity of your customers and systems with our Deepfake Generator.

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AI deepfake checker detecting celebrity deepfakes of elon musk in star trek