Real-time online deepfake detection

DeepfakeProof is a free browser extension that utilizes advanced deepfake detection technology to prevent the spread of deepfake manipulated images online. This cutting-edge tool is designed to scan every webpage you visit in real-time and provide accurate alerts if it detects any deepfake or manipulated images. With DeepfakeProof, you can rest assured that you are protected from the misleading impact of deepfake technology. DeepfakeProof's reliable alerts and accurate deepfake detection capabilities provide users with a safer and more secure online experience.

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Automatic deepfake detection

With our advanced AI-powered deepfake detection technology, DeepfakeProof automatically scans every image on the webpages you visit and alerts you in real-time if any deepfake or manipulated media is found. Whether it's a celebrity deepfake or one created with deepfake software, our plug-in provides accurate and reliable deepfake detection to help protect users against the spread of misleading and harmful deepfakes online.

With DeepfakeProof, users can take appropriate action to prevent the negative impact of deepfake technology and enjoy a safer and more secure online experience.

Seamless browsing experience

Easy to install while providing a seamless browsing experience, DeepfakeProof is a versatile tool that can be used by journalists, open-source intelligence experts, or general users alike.

How does it work?

Every image scanned will be provided with either one of the following results:
Deepfake icon

Some elements of deepfakes were detected in this picture.

Deepfake icon

Some elements of deepfakes might be in this picture.

Deepfake icon

There are no elements of deepfakes detected in this picture.

Deepfake icon

No face was detected in this picture.

Deepfake icon

Detected faces are too small to be scanned for possible deepfakes.

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