Prevent deepfake threats with our AI detection software

Detect deepfakes quickly and accurately to safeguard your organization against potential threats. Our AI detection software(s) acts as an additional security layer that provides clear explanations of how it detects digital manipulations, giving you the confidence to trust what you see online.

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Identity verification of a woman using DuckDuckGoose's AI deepfake checker

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OUr Numbers

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Our latest statistics reveal significant advancements in deepfake detection accuracy, empowering users to distinguish real from fake with unprecedented precision

Deepfake Detection Rate

Industry-leading deepfake detection rate for trusted security

Image Analysis Time

Ultra-fast, under deepfake analysis for swift, reliable results.

False Rejection Rate

To enhance deepfake detection AI's accuracy and innovation

Explainable Results

Ensuring unmatched reliability in deepfake detection

Why DuckDuckGoose?

While many digital identity solutions such as liveness checks can spot common attack methods like virtual cameras and video injections, they struggle against more advanced attacks like deepfakes and generative ai. These advanced attacks are frequently mistaken for genuine content.

DuckDuckGoose offers a solution to this problem. Our software doesn’t just look at how the content is presented, it detects the actual fake content itself. This allows us to provide a more reliable and effective solution even when faced with advanced or unknown attack methods, such as deepfakes or generative AI content.

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Difference between Liveness Check and AI deepfake detection technology

How we detect deepfakes

How does AI deepfake detection technology work?

Award-Winning Deepfake
Detection πŸ†πŸ•΅

Our award-winning deepfake detection software sets the industry standard, innovating tirelessly to ensure maximum reliability. Our technology reflects our dedication to combat digital deception, earning us numerous accolades for its efficacy and inventive features - including:

TU Delft Impact Contest 2020-21
Identity Innovation Award 2022
Women in AI Award 2023
Computable Awards 2023

Features and Benefits of Our Deepfake Detection Software

Deepfake detection dashboard
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Providing real-time analysis and visualization of your data, making it simple to monitor and analyze your results.
Explainable icon


Provides a probability score and an Activation Map to show which part of the image are likely to be deepfakes, helping users analyze and interpret the results with greater accuracy and confidence.
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Capable of processing large volumes of data and images quickly and accurately.
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Trained with the largest and most representative datasets available to capture significant information input more efficiently than any other algorithm.

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What our clients say πŸ₯°

Discover why leading businesses trust our deepfake detection tools for their cybersecurity needs. Read firsthand testimonials on how our innovative identity verification solutions are safeguarding digital identities.

DuckDuckGoose and DataChecker have been a dynamic duo in the fight against deepfake attacks. The integration of their explainable deepfake detection technology has made DataChecker's identity verification process not only more secure but also transparent and trustworthy.
Deepfakes are becoming more and more accessible and it is only a matter of time before they find their way into politics. The collaboration with DuckDuckGoose allows us to quickly assess a potential deepfake video and act accordingly
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