With the rise of deepfakes, DuckDuckGoose provides advanced and explainable AI-based deepfake detection technology for governments, business and individuals to avoid the dangers of deepfakes.

So, what can you use our product for?

01. KYC

Modern technology allows today’s digital customers to use instant sign up procedures and applications for accurate, safe, and fast remote identity verification.

However, with the rise of deepfake technology, it is possible for fraudsters to commit fraud by stealing someone's identity using their facial biometrics.

By using cutting-edge deepfake detection technology provided by DuckDuckGoose remote identity verification processes can be carried out safely and accurately.

02. Video Conferences

Video conferencing is more essential than ever: governments rely on remote communication, businesses move toward making hybrid work models permanent, and individuals want to connect with friends and family.

However, real-time deepfakes can bring chaos to our online calls by joining online meetings with anyone’s face.

By integrating the deepfake detection mechanisms, video conferencing tool providers make sure that their users get immediate warnings when a deepfake is used during a meeting.  

03. Penetration Testing

Want to know whether your identity verification solution is deepfake resistant?

Keep your onboarding process safe by having it tested by us. Find out the weaknesses so you can act on them before it's too late!

We can perform several types of penetration tests, depending on your wishes and system characteristics.

We use custom made passive, active and real time deepfakes to perform penetration testing on various levels of your application.

Curious to know more? Get in touch with us!

04. Journalism

Do you belong to a profession that is highly dependent on online visual material, such as journalists or OSINT researchers?

Is there a time pressure to publish a reliable story within a short time frame?

DuckDuckGoose has developed DeepfakeProof especially for this, a browser plugin aimed at almost real-time deepfake detection in your browser. This way you can immediately see whether the footage you are viewing is a deepfake or not.

05. Forensics

Seeing is no longer believing: with the rise of synthetic media, the playing field is changing between what is real and what is fake.

This can also have consequences in the courtroom: we have already seen several cases of deepfaked evidence.

As a forensic investigator it is important to have reliable tooling at your disposal that can support you in explaining the decision.

With our unique explainability module, we offer more than just a classification and we help you to understand and substantiate why something is a deepfake.

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