Do you belong to a profession that is highly dependent on online visual material such as journalists or OSINT researchers? Is there a time pressure to publish a reliable story within a short time frame?

DuckDuckGoose has developed DeepfakeProof especially for this, a browser plugin aimed at almost real-time deepfake detection in your browser. This way you can immediately see whether the footage you are viewing is a deepfake or not.

How we help secure your publication platform

Detect deepfaked images

We help detect deepfakes in images with an accuracy of 95%, flagging those who are suspected to be fraudulent actors. 

Protect your company

With deepfake software becoming more accessible and sophisticated, it's crucial to have a secure video conferencing solution in place to protect your company from fraudsters.

Improved security & confidence

As a customer, have comfort knowing that your business is protected against fraudulent activities and deepfake attacks that attempt to go through your system.

Explainable deepfake detection

Our technology does not only provide the probability of an input being a deepfake, but also explains why this classification was made.
Deepfake Detection Dashboard

Real-life examples

Oliver taylor deepfake heatscan

(Deep)fake Journalists

Oliver Taylor is supposedly a student from University of Birmingham who holds interest in public affairs and coffee. However, his university has no record of him and the several international newspapers who released his work stated that they could not verify his identity. 

What was found was that someone had used deepfake technology to create a fake persona of journalists in order to publish their work on trusted publication platforms. This example illustrates how simple it is to use deefake technology to spread fake information online. Still, this was not the end. The Daily Beast had found 19 fake personas, some of which used deepfake sofwares, posing as journalists that were used to publish political agendas in various right-winged publications.

Read more about it here.

Deepfake Nonconsensual Pornography

A very common form of manipulated content is falsified sexual image. This poses a concern for journalists.

In 2018, journalists Rana Ayyub fell victim to a misinformation movement in order to dishonour her title as a journalist. Then, she unfortunately fell victim to a deepfake porn video that was aimed to silence her. Being shared more than 40,000 times, Ayyub was sent to the hospital with anxiety and heart palpitations.

Sexual image of two women whose faces are blurred on a laptop
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AI deepfake checker detecting celebrity deepfakes of elon musk in star trek