Deepfake penetration testing

Want to know whether your identity verification solution is deepfake resistant?

Keep your onboarding process safe by having it tested by us. We can perform several types of penetration tests, depending on your wishes and system characteristics. We use custom-made passive, active and real-time deepfakes to perform penetration testing on various levels of your application.

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Real life examples

Image of a thief taking bitcoin out of a wallet

Cryptocurrency broker account

We at DuckDuckGoose were able to successfully deepfake spoof various well-known cryptocurrency broker’s identity verification processes using deepfake selfies and fake ID documents. 

This is why we created Replicant to generate deepfakes for pen-testing purposes. These custom-generated and scalable made deepfakes are suitable for testing where current biometric and detection systems are able to detect deepfakes. 

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AI deepfake checker detecting celebrity deepfakes of elon musk in star trek