September 18, 2023

AI Voice Generator Scams: Protecting Your Identity and Finances

They’re Using Your Voice to Take Your Money

This spring, an investor in Florida named Clive Kabatznik experienced an attempt at a sophisticated deepfake voice scam. He called Bank of America to discuss the money transfer he plans to make. He then called again, but the second time was actually not Mr. Kabatznik but an artificially generated deepfake of his voice. The scammer attempted to use this deepfake voice to trick the banker into moving the money elsewhere.

Regrettably, Mr Kabatznik's experience is not unique. We are witnessing a concerning rise in the deployment of deepfake voice technology for fraudulent purposes. Pindrop, a leading firm responsible for monitoring audio traffic among major U.S. banks, has reported a noticeable surge in deepfake voice scams this year. Furthermore, Nuance, a distinguished voice authentication provider, recently disclosed their initial successful encounter with a deepfake voice attack on a financial services client, which occurred just last year.

More recently, a cybersecurity PhD candidate from the University of Waterloo published findings demonstrating the vulnerabilities of biometric authentication systems when confronted with AI-generated deepfake voices. What is particularly alarming is the ease with which these voices can be constructed using as little as five minutes of the victim's voice content – content that is often freely available on social media platforms.

While the technology is still relatively new, and creating a realistic and state-of-the-art deepfake voice requires a lot of time and effort, the alarming reality is that AI technology is advancing rapidly, costs are decreasing, and a wealth of voice recordings are readily available on the internet. These conditions have paved the way for an alarming increase in voice-related AI scams.

In light of these emerging threats, we urge you to consider enhancing your voice security measures. Safeguarding your identity and financial assets against deepfake voice scams is of utmost importance.

Your voice is your identity, and we are here to ensure its protection in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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