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AI image and video detector

AI Deepfake Detection Made Easy with DeepDetector Software

In today's digital era, the threat of deepfake technology is at large, posing significant risks. Our deepfake detection software offers a solution to accurately identify manipulated content
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01. Extract

The first step towards deepfake detection is extracting all visible faces in the picture or the video.

02. Analyze

After detecting the face(s), our deepfake detection technology gets activicated and analyzes the faces to find deepfake traces.  

03. Detect & explain

The output of the analysis includes the probability of the input being a deepfake and the Activation Map to substantiate the classification.

1 Sec

Image analysis time


Explainable results




Deepfake types

How can our AI Deepfake Detector help?

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Fast & Accurate

Get quick and reliable identification of deepfake content in real-time with our accuracy rate of up to 99% and lightning-fast analysis time of just 1 sec
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Our flexible API integration empowers you to seamlessly customize and integrate our deepfake detection solution into your existing identity verification systems
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Comprehensive Deepfake Detection

Our advanced AI algorithms are designed to detect a wide range of deepfake techniques, including face swaps, lip-syncing, and manipulated audio
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Our advanced AI algorithms checks videos and images for signs of manipulation and provide detailed explanations of any detected deepfakes, allowing you to take appropriate action

How DeepDetector detect deepfakes

How our Deepfake detection software, DeepDetector works
DeepDetector detects deepfake faces in videos and pictures with an accuracy of 95%. Our technology does not only classify an input as fake, but also explains the reasoning behind its decision by using Activation Maps. It is able to do this, because the DeepDetector has seen hundreds of thousands of real and deepfake images. It has trained itself on these images and has learned to find the subtle differences between a photo made with a real camera or a photo synthesised by a computer.

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What can DeepDetector detect?

Deepfake video and images

DeepDetector identifies and filters out FaceSwaps and various AI-manipulated visuals. By looking for traces of alterations in existing images and videos, our software offers protection against fraudulent activities caused by deepfakes.
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Tom Cruise deepfake
Dall-E and MidJourney Detector

AI-generated images from Dall-E, MidJourney, and More

AI-generated visual content, through tools like  Dall-E and MidJourney presents new challenges as they are often indistinguishable from the human eye. DeepDetector helps dissect the unique characteristics of AI-generated content by scrutinizing patterns undetectable by humans.
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What sets us apart?

Deepfake detection vs liveness checks

Most current digital identity solutions can identify common methods of attack, such as the OBS virtual camera. However, when the attack methods get more advanced, these systems are prone to get fooled. With countless unknown attack methods out there, the chances of deepfakes being mistaken for a real person increase.
DuckDuckGoose offers a solution to this problem, as our software is built to detect the actual fake content itself rather than just how it's being presented. This means we can provide a more reliable and effective solution, even when faced with advanced or unknown attack methods.

92.93% Accuracy

Correct predictions

84.37% Precision

Classifications that were actually fake

92.57% Recall

Fakes that are correctly predicted

What our customer say about us

Deepfakes are becoming more and more accessible and it is only a matter of time before they find their way into politics. The collaboration with DuckDuckGoose allows us to quickly assess a potential deepfake video and act accordingly

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DuckDuckGoose and DataChecker have been a dynamic duo in the fight against deepfake attacks. The integration of DuckDuckGoose's explainable deepfake detection technology has made DataChecker's identity verification process not only more secure but also transparent and trustworthy.

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AI deepfake checker detecting celebrity deepfakes of elon musk in star trek